Fall 2007 Steelhead Fishing

October 24, 2007

Fall Steelhead Fishing 2007 pictures

Bill Pioneer with fish.JPG Brian Sorci mike-and-bill.JPG img_2920.JPG Bill Pioneer img_2923.JPG Mike Wisdom fisherman extraordinaire! img_2933.JPG img_2935.JPG img_2937.JPG Steelhead at sunset img_2940.JPG img_2941.JPG img_2943.JPG img_2942.JPG img_2944.JPG img_2945.JPG img_2954.JPG img_2955.JPG img_2956.JPG jerry.JPG kirby.JPG Lew Steiner hooks a big one mike-and-lauren.JPG Mike and Reed having a miserable time on the Main Salmon River img_2922.JPG

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