Early Summer 2010

June 29, 2010

Spring and Summer Projects

Spring and summer at Shepp Ranch always bring a flurry of projects. This year, in addition to the normal filling the woodshed and getting the garden ready we redid the welcome gate at the bridge and are now reconstructing the 110 year old Copenhaver barn that we use as a tack shed.  It is going well and very fun! Please join our facebook page to see pictures of our progress.

Wellness Retreat- This years Wilderness Wellness Retreat put on by Darcy Williamson of From the Forest.

Focused on medicinal plants of the Salmon River with forays to Polly Bemis ranch for Chinese medicinal plants, Buckskin Bill’s for Mountain Man medicinals, Reho Wolfe’s for Homestead medicinals and Indian Creek yew forest for Native American medicinals. Each evening participants worked on learning to make different tinctures, salves, balms, soaps and beverages from the days’ gatherings. It was a great 4 days. The workshop is planned again for next year in early May.

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