The most common way of arriving at Shepp Ranch is by jetboat. Jetboats travel by pulling water into a grate in the bottom of the boat and pumping it through an impeller and out the back of the boat. This allows our 8′ wide, 30′ long boat to carry loads up to 2 tons while traveling through water that is only inches deep in places. It is a truly exciting 30 minute ride to the ranch from the boat landing at “Roads End” 26 miles east of Riggins, Idaho. With a superior safety record and skilled drivers you can concentrate on spotting a bighorn sheep or a circling osprey on your way upstream. Stand on the back of the boat and let the wind blow through your hair, carrying all the worries and realities of town life with it. As the spray from a rapid cools you the reality that you are traveling to a unique spot will come over you. Each day can bring a new jetboating experience as you travel to abandoned mines, secluded fishing streams, wonderful swimming beaches or historic homesteads. Jetboating is a great way to catch a glimpse of wildlife without much physical exertion, especially in the spring, as the deer, elk, bighorn sheep and black bears all frequent the river enjoying the first green grass of the year.

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