Lots of butterflies at Shepp Ranch

Life at Shepp Ranch is simple and comfortable. You can be as active or lazy as you choose. There is a hot tub overlooking the river where you might catch sight of a bighorn sheep grazing during the day and the stars will shine down on you at night. The sauna is tucked in behind a hedge of bamboo and is a quiet refuge to lean back and feel the worries of the outside world drain away. During the summer the river is warm enough for swimming and playing Frisbee or badminton in its sandy shallows. Coffee machine set ups for your room are available and a cooler of soft drinks can be placed right outside your door. What you won’t find are TVs or phones.

If you have been feeling like you and your loved ones are a little too much “plugged in” this is a place to renew family ties with good conversation, nature walks, and evenings around a campfire. Everyone can go their own way during the day and then regroup at mealtimes to relive their adventures. We have an eclectic library in the lodge with everything from the latest bestseller to 1920’s National Geographic. Lounge chairs are scattered around the ranch to provide the best views in either sun or shade. Board games and decks of cards are available at the lodge and there is almost always a jigsaw puzzle in progress.