Year In Review on the Ranch

May 10, 2007

Welcome to our new website and our first foray into blogging! We are very excited to have the site up and are working at learning how to navigate and improve the site.

It is the end of our 2007 season and things are winding down here at the ranch. It has been an exciting year. This spring we got a good jump on projects that had been on the list for a few years, remodeling the bathrooms in the front duplex and changing the layout of Tim’s cabin.

On July 13th we experienced a lightning strike just off the ranch property. By early September it had turned into the 100,000 acre Rattlesnake fire. The area around the ranch upstream to Campbells Ferry bridge, downstream to Sheep Ck and up Crooked Creek almost to Dixie were all involved as the fire did its work, leaving a mosaic of heavily burned, lightly burned and untouched. We were very lucky to get instant support from the Nez Perce National Forest and did not lose a single building! Our hunting area saw lots of fire but many of the aspects of it are favorable and our hunting success has been great. The Main Salmon River canyon was closed for boating from early August to early September due to the smoke and fire but we kept busy feeding and boating firefighters. The fishing this fall started out slowly and is just beginning to pickup. As often happens after a fire, the ground along the river was vulnerable during the early fall rains and we had muddy conditions in early October. The grass is growing like crazy now and the hills are a beautiful bright green with lush new growth.

Life around the ranch goes along smoothly. The garden did well in spite of limited late summer sunshine; keeping us supplied with berries, fruits and lots of veggies. The cow had a new calf and is producing all the milk, cream, ice cream and butter that we can eat. Belle, our 4 year old mare, returned from training in Colorado and is working her way into being another good riding/pack mount like her mom Annie. Lots of kittens and the spaniel, Cane, keep kids entertained and are good for warming your lap on these cooler days. The bears in the area spent the fall trying to beat me to the orchard fruit, we split the plums and pears, and they got all the peaches and apples. For the first time in 30 years they showed a liking for walnuts. We had two different sets of sows with cubs here and often in the morning you would catch one or the other in the lodge walnut tree sneaking an early morning meal. The fall colors have been spectacular and we just had our first frost this morning.

2008 will hopefully bring a new workshop that we are very excited about! Spring at the ranch is a great time. There are always lots of wildflowers, elk, deer and bighorn sheep to view and enjoy. The weather is mild and the water is high enough to boat to Buckskin Bills Museum or Reho Wolfes place. Now we are working on putting together a 3 day workshop May 8-11 with Darcy Williamson of “From the Forest” in McCall. She is an herbalist, instructor and author specializing in wild medicinal and edible herbs. If you are interested let she or I know so we ensure the success of this new venture. I will have more information on this as it develops.

As always we have several rafting trips stopping in for the night during next year. If you want to see the Salmon River Canyon from a float boat without the heat and the crowds a spring trip is a great opportunity. Historian and river guide Wayne Johnson has 4 trips scheduled for April offering lots of scheduling flexibility. Each night is spent at a different lodge which means no sandy sleeping bags! Several other outfitters offer trips during the spring and summer seasons and all bring a little different approach to the trip ensuring something for everyone! See our links page for other outfitters. I will add more information on each of these trips as the year progresses.

We hope you join us in 2008!

Please feel free to write with ideas and suggestions for the site! Those of you who have been here before might have ideas on what we should “show off”, while those of you who are unfamiliar might have ideas on what information would be useful to include.

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Sue November 15, 2007 at 2:28 am

Dear Lynn, Mike and Tim,
Your site is “outta-site”!
Good job in putting together a great page we can all visit when we can’t physically be at Shepp. Makes me ‘home sick’ even more for our river neighbors downstream!
I’m sure this site will change and grow just like the ranch has over the years, providing a great link for friends old and new.
Best of luck in nurturing it with as much care and genuine concern you put into Shepp Ranch and anyone who happens by.
Love and cheer from YPB!
Sue and Greg

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