Charlie Shepp and Pete Klinkhammer began homesteading at the mouth of Crooked Creek during the winter of 1909-1910. They whipsawed logs to build the main ranch house, which is still in use today. The two men, although very different ages, were well suited partners. Shepp provided the building expertise and tended their extensive gardens and orchards, while Klinkhammer put up hay, ran trap lines, and packed their produce to sell to neighboring miners.

In 1950 Klinkhammer sold the ranch to Paul and Marybelle Filer, but stayed on to help run the place. The Filers were energetic and determined. They constructed a sawmill, a flume and hydroelectric powerplant, and developed an airstrip on the west side of Crooked Creek. Paul and Marybelle Filer, more than anyone else shaped Shepp Ranch into its present form. Not only did they construct most of the buildings in existence today, but they created a successful outfitting business that has been in continuous operation for over 50 years. Subsequent owners Jim Campbell and Paul Resnick carried on Filers tradition. While things have changed some over the years, guests can still share in the rich history and traditions which prevail here, in the buildings, the orchard, rare hand tools, antique guns and horse drawn farm implements. Shepp Ranch offers today’s visitors a wonderful opportunity to participate in this western tradition, just as in years past.

Shepp Ranch Today

Surrounded by the Gospel Hump Wilderness and sitting on the banks of the Wild and Scenic Main Salmon River, Shepp Ranch is a haven from today’s hectic world. Located on the north shore of the Salmon River at its confluence with Crooked Creek, this area is truly remote with the nearest road 15 miles away. Shepp Ranch provides visitors the opportunity to explore unspoiled natural surroundings, much as Shepp and Klinkhammer did in their day. It is a place for warm interaction with family and friends. Catch up on conversation as you enjoy a home cooked meal in our family style dining room. Long time managers Lynn and Mike Demerse will welcome you along with our congenial crew. Visitors may arrive as strangers but everyone leaves as part of the Shepp Ranch family.

I invite you to join us at Shepp Ranch. Bring your sense of adventure and leave your worries behind. Come relax and enjoy our western hospitality. -Tim Turnbull, Owner