Bear and Cougar

Gary Lewis with Cinnamon bearSpring Bear hunting in Idaho’s Main Salmon River Canyon is a great hunt, the game is everywhere and you can hunt right from the lodge! In Gospel Hump Wilderness Unit 19 you can get two bear tags and the bears here come in a range of colors from blond to black. Our success rate is nearly 100%. The method we use to hunt bear is spot and stalk. We’re situated in a very deep canyon and primarily hunt the side canyons accessed by jet boat. By hiking up one side of a particular canyon you have a good view of the opposite side. A lot of time is spent glassing and relatively short distances are covered. The terrain is steep but the pace is slow. After a bear is spotted, we determine if a stalk is feasible and how best to implement it. The hunting is mostly on foot with occasional use of horses. We have had very good success in the past and find this method of fair chase hunting very gratifying. An additional highlight of this hunt is the large herds of elk, deer and bighorn sheep each day along the river.

This is a great opportunity to bring your spouse along as these hunts take place out of the ranch where they can spend the day enjoying all the amenities of the guest ranch and hear about your hunt when you join them in the hot tub at the end of the day.

Shepp Ranch offers quality wilderness hunting and a family Idaho adventure vacation. One guide per two hunters ensures personalized attention and the best possible chance for success. Bear hunting takes place from mid-April to mid-May.

Spring Bear Hunting April 15-May 15
Guided, $2000/person, 2 hunters to a guide; 4 day/4 night; includes jetboat transportation, meals and lodging

Bear hunts are conducted from the ranch and make a great spring family trip. Idaho offers a “Nonresident Junior Mentored” license for hunters age 12-17 for just $7.25 and this is a great youth hunt with lots of game sightings, high success rates and comfortable accommodations!

Our Wilderness Mountain Lion Hunts take place in late November and early December from either the lodge or our backcountry camps, depending on conditions. This hunt is done primarily on foot with some horseback riding. Due to the steepness of the terrain this is a hunt for the truly adventurous who are willing to put forth the effort and forego the use of four wheelers and snowmobiles. The challenges of this type of hunt mean we only harvest a small number of lions which maintains our population and assures low hunting pressure. The cats follow the elk and deer herds to the river for wintering and since we hunt right after our elk season our guides have been out and about and track any sightings or encounters. In this area a non resident deer tag can be used on a cougar or bear so if you hunt the late season deer/elk hunt you may also get a chance at a cat then.

Cougar/Mountain Lion
Guided, $6500/person, 7 day/7 night; take place in late November or early December

John Milton with Black Bear

Mike Scott of Ellensburg Washington with a nice black bear at Shepp Ranch