Sheep and Moose

April is the time for applying for coveted Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunt # 5002 and Shiras Moose Hunt # 3078 controlled hunt drawings. We are happy to facilitate your application process or if you have already drawn we would be happy to take you on your dream hunt.

We offer a variety of options on our sheep hunts. Our hunts are 10 day. You can choose to do it all in a 10 day stretch or split it between two hunts. How your hunt takes place will depend on the scouting that takes place prior to your arrival. We have three high country camps up to 7200’ in elevation and the ranch is at 2100’. The rams are just starting to be in pre rut phase during that time and can be elusive; the guide will make decisions daily on what to try next. You should be prepared to do lots of hiking in steep terrain and spend your nights in camp. There will be mules available to transport you around the high country but often they can’t go where the big rams are.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
Guided, $7500 10 day hunt-can be split into two time periods
late-August – mid-October

We hunt moose in the wilderness part of Unit 19. There are 8 tags available one of which can go to a non-resident. We offer a 7 day October hunt utilizing high camps that have wall tents with wood stoves. You will have a guide and cook. We use horses and/or mules to access the surrounding country side which includes several high lakes. At this time of year the bulls are in the rut and will be moving around quite a bit. The choice of camp will depend on the scouting reports of our guides. The success rate in this unit is generally very good.

Shiras Moose
$7500/person 7 day/7 night in October