Shepp Ranch Elk and Deer Hunts 2007

November 8, 2007

Our elk season started out painfully slow as our first group of hunters experienced a four day delay while waiting for the Gospel Hump Wilderness Area fire closure to lift. Everyone came to the ranch as scheduled and whiled away the hours cracking walnuts, catching up on reading and taking short hikes to stretch their legs. going-nuts.jpgWhile I fretted and stewed the guests and guides remained calm and their patience paid off! When they finally did get to go hunting it was great. Four bulls in three days put us right back on schedule! 1st-hunt-2007

Jim Langley on Idaho rifle bugle elk hunt

The second hunt was also a great success and everyone filled their tags. The weather was just right with high snow and cool days.vorlicky-party-2nd-hunt.JPG

Jeff also got to guide a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep hunter and they took a nice young ram while hunting from the ranch.Gary Drechsel with Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in Idaho Unit 19

The third hunt was a long awaited treat for Jerry and Garrett Holbrook, a grandfather/grandson from Olympia Washington who had really been looking forward to this trip. Garrett tagged out for both deer and elk. The other two hunters also did well and are already booked back for next season!

3rd hunt at Shepp Ranch 2007

Early November brought Indian Summer to the canyon. A full moon, daytime highs in the 60’s and clear skies conspired to make for elusive elk hunting. Elk were spotted on ridges in the distance but without the distraction of the rut or high snows to gather them in the side canyons they were hard to hunt. Two spikes were taken (trophy meat!) and a nice mule deer buck. An enthusiastic group of hunters combined with the hard work and positive attitude of the guides and Ginis great cooking resulted in the hunt still being successful!


Our last hunt of the 2007 Season brought long awaited fall rains. The cold rain/snow mix made for challenging hunting conditions and wet clothes! The hunters braved the elements and bagged a couple of 4 point bulls and 3 mule deer, one a dandy , over 28 inches wide.5th-hunt 2007 picture by Jeff Bruce.JPG

The end of the season brought snow almost to the ranch and the guides made a 17 mule roundtrip to bring the camp off the hill.bull-ck-from-above-camp-jeffs-pics.JPG

Gini leads the string off of Sugarloaf; ranch and river in the distance Jeff Bruce photoA day of unpacking, tent hanging and horseshoe pulling leaves them with just the ride out to finish the 2007 season.

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